Bassists - Fingers or pick?

Fingers, pick or both?

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Jul 25, 2012
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Peoria, IL
Oh **** is that Kinley dude goooood.

I started out using a pick and used one for years but went with fingers for a while and haven't really gone back to a pick at all since. It feels more natural and allows me to really lock in to the tempo and stay that way. I know you can get a huge variety of tones and dynamics that range from warm to really aggressive using a pick. Like in drumming, it all depends upon your technique. Strings, pick material, instrument/amp settings also help quite a bit too.

BTW, I may be wrong but it looks to me like that Kinley guy isn't really using a pick at all. It may look like he's holding one at a couple moments and going back and forth between a pick and fingerstyle, but I've done the same thing w/ fingers where you simply grip a make believe pick and you can sort of mimic the action of using one. May hurt at first, but it can be done.

EDIT: I didn't see the second video of him when I wrote this, only the first.

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