"Beater Kits".... do you really need one?

Johnny K

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Feb 7, 2018
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Mid Atlantic, USA
FWIW, I also play acoustic guitar and I never take out my Taylor 410e on any camping trips or outdoors activities. It's always the 20 year on Washburn for that! ;-)
I have two kits. The cheap set stays home and has mesh heads and low volume cymbals on it. It gets alot of use and doesn't annoy my wife. The Gretsch Cat Maple Kit and the Zildjians go everywhere I'm willing to take them. They are setup in my warehouse where I can play after hours and bother no one when they are not being played out. I also have a $150 dollar pawn shop special SPL kit to use at the jam house where the band practices and I rebuilt it and set up to be playable and sound as good as it can. I inherited it in pretty bad shape. All I do bring a snare and some cymbals.

I play guitar too and like you, I dont take my Martin HD28V out either. When its not being played its in its case. I do play it often, but it's the Seagull soild wood Spruce/Mahgoany that gets the abuse and the most playing time.


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Aug 5, 2005
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North of Austin, Texas
Needed a beater floor tom last night as a loaner! Got done with our happy hour show, Alvin Crow plays after us which his drummer subs for me and I sub for him when needed. I was packed and sitting on my tailgate and knew the drummer had forgotten something you can just tell. Left his floor tom at home so handed him mine....or course that means I've got to use something else tonight. Small stage gig so think I'll take my 10x14 rack tom and put it in a low snare stand I have...all good

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