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Jul 28, 2020
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I am a beginner at drumming and I will be happy to take suggestion regarding how to build a routine for drumming practice for a monthly basis or other.
I have played drums before and know some basic drum beats and fills.


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Feb 11, 2012
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Are you planning to work with an instructor or independently?

With an instructor you can get plenty of face-to-face guidance which is really important and if your independently inclined one of your goals can be to work with an instructor and get to a point of being self-directed.

Either way one of the most important things is to be goal oriented. I attached a goal sheet that I use for short/long term goals. The documentation process holds one accountable and to be more results oriented. It's based on the concept of SMART goals, which is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, (use) Action (steps), (be) Realistic and Time-Based. Search that term for a deeper explanation behind the concept. Using that method makes it much more easier to set and achieve realistic goals. Also, the worksheet also provides a section to give your self a reward for achieving the goal, which is a positive feedback loop that will improve your goal setting/achievement process. The sheet is pretty self-explanatory, spend some time with it, and you can let me know if you have any questions. The personal commitment section has a very simple statement in in that you should supplement with a stronger statement (like why the goal is important to you and thus why you're documenting it). Make sure to set a timeline that includes periodic review and jot them down in the notes section.

For some basic structure you can check out a book by Claus Hessler called the "Daily Drumset Workout" (Alfred Music Publishing):
The benefit of the book is that it provides content and some area to record your progress. However the progress field are kind of minimal and I'd recommend supplementing with a journal of some sort.

Also this hard bound book recommendation has got the bulk of content that Joel Rothman wrote for his individual rock drumming titles combined into one large tome, called "The Compleat Rock Drummer." I've got this book and use it daily as a primary source of practice material. The description lists this as 3,000 pages but I don't think that is right. My book has almost 800, but not 3,000 pages. Tons of stuff to keep you busy for a long time and you it is written in a way that less experienced readers/players can use it. Book Link:


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