Best Concert You’ve Seen ???


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May 4, 2009
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First and foremost, it has to be Buddy Rich at the Chez in Hollywood in 1967 during the recording of the Big Swing Face album. You would never believe the electricity in the room. You'll get the idea if you listen to the album. In fact, you can hear me yelling "Yeah"!" at the end of "Monitor Theme." Two other great concerts were Basie at Disneyland in '62 with Sonny Payne on drums which changed my life and Sinatra at the Sands in '67 with Buddy Rich.


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Aug 5, 2005
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Chichester NH
I saw VH for the first time in 1986 when I was 15 and it was incredible. I had always wanted to see the original line up but I was too young and the closest place was and hour and forty five minutes away. I have seen VH many times since then including solo shows with Dave and Sammy and one with Gary Cherone fronting. That first show for me was magical though.

Honestly one of the most fun shows I ever went to was Ringo in 2003. He had a great line up and I was super excited to see a Beatle! saw Paul later and tht was great.

I have been fortunate to see many of my jazz heros, including Buddy Rich, Max Roach and Elvin Jones. I wish I had the opportunity to see art Blakey but it never happened and he passed away by the time I really would have had the chance. I definitely should have been alive in the 60's....


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Aug 6, 2008
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Buddy Miles/ The Faces . Miles hit those cymbals so hard , the outer ring of one of them fell right off . Stewart kicked soccer balls into the crowd ... I wonder if anyone got knocked out .

Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick . Encore was Locomotive Breath - finest guitar solo I've ever witnessed . I was real close to the stage and Barlow blew my mind on those blue Vista Lites .
Feb 15, 2010
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Y'all have seen some great music throughout the years. I'll throw a few of my special nights of music out there.

Chick Corea Acoustic Trio +2 at The Blue Note in NYC. Chick, Vinnie, Patitucci, and Wallace and Bob Berg. Legendary week of music. I went for 2 nights. Vinnie on a break from Sting, and his hands and ears were on fire. The bandstand levitated. Every drummer in NYC was there.

Van Halen 1981? Fair Warning Tour and later on the 5150 Tour. Both equally great, two different vibes.

Herbie Hancock New Standard Band at Carnegie Hall. I usually hate "all star" bands, this one worked, and live, they took it to another place.

Joe Henderson, Charlie Haden, Al Foster at the Village Vanguard in 1989. I sat in the "drum seats" for an entire night. Telepathic.

McCoy Tyner trio w/ Al Foster and George Mraz at The Vanguard on Trane's birthday. A special broadcast one night only VIP show. It's on record too. Sat in the drum seats again. Amazing. A runner up would have to be right after Gravatt came back to play with McCoy much more recently.

Tribute To Weather Report w/ Jason Miles, Mark Egan, Vinnie, Mino Cinelu, Chuck Loeb, and either Steve Wilson or Eric Alexander at the old Iridium. Wilson was playing in my band at the time, so he put me on the list EVERY night. I was supposed to interview Vinnie that week, it didn't happen, I didn't care. WR music is some of my favorite music ever, I only saw them live once, so it was great to hear that music in a little club.

Miles after Star People (I forget the exact year.) Stern Sco, and Al. Forgotten band, KILLER!

Dave Holland Extensions band at the old Knitting Factory. Nuff said.

Art Taylor's Wailers at Condon's in NYC. This was a yearly pilgrimage, every night was memorable.

Peter Gabriel at the Spectrum in Philly on the So tour. A pretty religious experience.

Journey outdoors at JFK in Philly in 1983 (?) with the Tubes, Sammy Hagar, and John Cougar. A fun day of great rock music outside in the Philly sun.

Scofield Qrt at Sweet Basil. I was playing Basil a lot so I went for an entire week. What a GREAT band with Bill, Lovano, Dennis Irwin. They were at the peak this week.

Wayne Shorter (after High Life) at The Blue Note in NYC. I love that record, but live the music really came to life. The band was Rodney Holmes, Jim Beard, Alphonso, and David Gilmore.

Polytown at the Bitter End in NYC with Bozzio, Mick Carn and David Torn. They did very few gigs, I'm glad I saw Terry playing with this band.

Wilco in Philly outside on the river recently. I forget the year, my best friend is a Wilco nut, I didn't know much about them. I was blown away, and am now a big fan. They are a GREAT live band.

Bill Evans Toxic Monkey Blue Note NYC. Lukather, Carlock, Will Lee, Weingart. A comfortable and casual blowing gig. And they blew the doors off.

Sitting first row, right in front of Mike Porcaro on the Toto 25th anniversary tour at BB Kings in NYC. Tight, and just perfect. The last night in the states, 3 nights before the DVD.

Cedar Walton Trio w/ Jackie McClean at the Vanguard. HIGGINS and JACKIE TOGETHER!!!!!.

Joe Satriani Trio in Philly at the TLA w/ Stu Hamm and Jon Mover. Heavy metal fusion.

Chick, Miroslav, and Roy at Blue Note NYC for Chick's birthday celebration.

Vital Info at Bitter End. The end of Baron Browne's first tour with them (with Coster and Gambale.) They were a well oiled FUSION MACHINE! That would be a tie with The Count's Jam Band at Blue Note NYC (Smith, Marcus, Coryell, bassist Greg Jones?)

Tony at the Vanguard in 1989. Sat 3 feet from Tony for the whole night. LOUD, but hey, it was TONY!!!!

Mel Lewis and the Jazz Orchestra in 1987 (?) I remember thinking, "Oh so THAT'S what a big band is supposed to sound like."

Holdsworth Trio on his last US tour w/ Gary Husband and Haslip. Allan and Gary were a magical pair of musicians that were totally inside each other's heads. That makes me think of seeing Gary killing it with Level 42 opening for Madonna (I forget if Madonna had Jon Moffatt or Omar, but her band was really tight too.)

I'll stop because I could on forever...
(some might say I did, sorry.)


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Sep 17, 2015
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I was at that show and thought they were terrible, it felt like the three of them were phoning it in. The fake background vocals and the "hits only" setlist didn't really wow me either. It's funny how different perspectives can be on a single event.
I thought they played some things slow but.. to me, they looked like they were having fun, as opposed to 1984 when they all had grim faces and wouldn’t look at each other. Anyway, I enjoyed it.