Big Funch package arrived! So of course I demoed them.


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Aug 4, 2011
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Tuesday was a good day! Finally received my Funch order, that I made in May (more about the delay table later), and unpacked 3 beautiful custom made cymbals.
And like always, I demoed them fresh on the first day. Hope you like them too!

-21" Mini Bell Ride, 2095 gr.
I had this sound in my head, a ride that would have the best qualities of a fairly hammered flat ride (tight, fast, trashy but not too trashy undertone) without the bad ones (bad crashability, gongyness, one dimensional/one trick pony). I think Funch nailed my order. This sounds like Bill Stewart and a flat ride had a baby! It has high, umbrella like profile and excellent rebound, so it feels really easy and fast to play.

-22" Old K Clone (BB hammer), 2173 gr.
I heard some Funch cymbal demos in May that had this really nice, crystal-like high end in the attack, even though the cymbals were fairly thin. And they were all hammered with this large head hammer that Lasse is now calling "Brian Blade hammer".
I absolutely had to order one 22" to see if the attack was really as nice live. Damn it, it is. Even though the cymbal is thin, I mean bendable thin, it still has this clear attack with nice sizzle in the higher harmonics.
Of course cymbal this thin will wash out if played hard, but it's still surprisingly controllable compared to it's weight.

-22" Jazz-Rock Ride, 2763 gr
This was the reason the order took a while. Lasse had to special order some heavy blanks to reach requested weight range. :D Usually he makes thinner jazz-cymbals, but I threw him a curveball with this order, and he was happy to make his first ever "rock" cymbal.
My reference cymbal was Zildjian's 22" Dark Medium Ride, sort of heavy Tony-type of fusion-cymbal. But Dark Mediums have always been bit too heavy and bright to my taste (I've had 3), so I wanted Lasse to make one bit lighter and darker.
I was after a heavy cymbal, that wouldn't wash out when played harder, but would still be dark and as jazzy as possible. To me this checks all the boxes.



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May 29, 2013
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Québec, Canada
Congrats! These are 3 unique and amazing cymbals! The Mini Bell Ride is real trip. It's somewhere between my flat ride, my Legacy crash & almost reminiscent of an HHX Omni, but more subtle than any of those. The 22" Old K Clone has beautiful stick & shimmer at that weight. The 22" Jazz-Rock Ride is right at that crazy weight, well no use explaining already did that & the demo speaks for itself. It was worth the wait, like fine wine.

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Aug 6, 2018
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Tulsa, Ok. USA
Incredible cymbals. Especially how Funch makes them come out exactly as ordered like that. Wow

And Mark as always with the finest demo videos. I think I see an endorsement deal in the works