Big Sound From A Tiny Kit

Johnny K

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Feb 7, 2018
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Mid Atlantic, USA
I made a travel/bop style kit from 3 of my 6 piece Gretsch Catalina Maple shells. I even managed to find a 4 1/2 x 10" Catalina Maple snare drum too. The 16x16 floor tom is a now a kick with a Remo P3 Powerstroke and the reso head is the Evans supplied Gretsch logo batter that came with the drums. The rack tom is the never used (until now) 7x8 and the "floor tom" is a 7x10" rack tom hanging off the right siide cymbal stand. The rack tom and kick pedal are attached to the 16x16 using a Dunnett R tom conversion kit. All the cymbals are Wuhans. I got them as my first 'good' cymbals before I started buying K's. I think they still sound great and they have their place in the music i like to play. There's a 10" splash, a set of 14" hats (these are really good ones), a 16" thin crash, 18" med crash ride, and a 20" med-heavy which i have taped up on the bottom to help cut down on the gongy wash Wuhans are known for.

Here is a short clip. Video and audio are from a iPhone. When I do these I always strip out the audio part of the clip and process the audio in Ableton and reinsert the track back into the video clip.

Thanks for looking.