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Nov 3, 2009
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Pattaya, Thailand
An older kit but cymbals are same as today .... Bosphorus Master 14" hats, K Constantinople medium 20", Bosphorus Ferit series 16", Zildjian 8", Bosphorus Turk 18", Bosphorus Turk 19" flat ride


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Apr 15, 2014
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Is there a thread somewhere about this super unique kit!?
Not that I started, not that I know of by anyone else. I don't know as I ever posted pics of that set on this forum before. I'd have to go back some years and see.

The idea sprang many years ago and I made various pancake toms; 3 or 4 - 6" in a row on a cymbal stand, 4 - 8" in a square, on legs, with a 6" in the middle. Then, seeing Trilok Gurtu's rig, I decided to make a small kit version - single headed 6,8,10, 12, a 10" snare and a 14" single headed kick. A tabletop set. It kept growing from there. The pictured kit is down and I need to make another one with a slightly better tom arrangement. Layout gets tricky and I keep making tables to get it just right for my movements. I also took out the snare because the weight of it pulled on the frame enough to take away sustain from the 10" in front of it. The next will just be toms. It all sits on three rods mounted to the small rack set-up which was made for an edrum set-up. The whole rig is pretty heavy. Removing the snare made it easier to pick up and carry. The frame is 3/4" plywood, generally Oak or Birch veneer. Lumberyard quality. Nothing special.

Basic lug nuts are squeezed into the frame to receive tension rods. The "shells" are enough be able to leave space off the frame for head tension, around 1-1.5", and the last prototype also employed 3" or 4" shells either for batter heads for small toms or reso heads for the large toms to give it more of a drum set vibe.

I have another prototype to work on when the weather breaks and the heat mellows out in my shop. I can hardly breathe in there right now. I want to try making, basically a guitar body, or hollow body frame and place the heads in that and see what kind of excitement is created when striking just one drum.

I originally made the small rig, which just sits on a snare stand and a couple cymbal stands, to be able to take out and jam if the occasion arose. Now, it's become a quest. :)

Big coincidence. I saw a picture of this floor tom many, many years ago. I just saw in a thread a few minutes ago after posting if anyone had ever seen it. Anyway, between this picture and seeing multi-toms in drum corps, I got my first ideas for the table top drum set.

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CC Cirillo

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Feb 20, 2019
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...My beloved little Sonor 3k in Scandinavian birch awaiting my band’s arrival in our SF studio. 20” kick, 10” rack, and the 14” floor tom is a converted rack tom. Deep snare is simply stentorian. Dirty old 20” A and 14” Old Beats. The A is quite light and a delightful crash/ride for rehearsals like this. Makes me focus on the song and not overpower everyone in a small space.


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Jan 13, 2010
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From a big band gig last Friday:

RB Gretsch 20/13/16, 6.5x14 square badge snare.
14" Michael Paiste modded hats, 18" Bos Antique, 22" Sabian Artisan Light, 22" Istanbul Mehmet Flake ride with a crack cut out and two rivets.
The only new gear is the Yamaha aluminum snare stand and the INDe tom bracket on the 13 B)

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