Bosphorus 20" Syncopation SW (sandwashed) Series Ride cymbal - 2030 grams


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Sep 12, 2014
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central PA, USA
Here's a truly nice dry-ish Bosphorus 20" Syncopation SW (sandwashed) Series Ride cymbal weighing in at 2030 grams. Beautiful and prominent woody stick response with controlled, pleasing wash and no funky undertones nor hums. Shoulder and edge crashes are wonderful with this cymbal, so that I consider it more of a Crash/Ride. Ideal as a left side ride.
It's in excellent condition. Drilled for two large head brass rivets with a small head brass rivet in between.

To paraphrase a quote regarding the Syncopation Series by Tony of

"The Syncopation series introduces an entirely new, and trashy/dirty sound for Bosphorus players. Bosphorus is typically known for smooth, silky, warm, lush, silvery, "pretty" sounding cymbals with various levels of dryness, with woody clicky stick sounds, great crashablity, flexible edges, and incredible stick/wash control. The new Syncopation lathed and SW (sandwashed) series add a level of dirty complexity, with some gritty trashiness that was not formerly available. You could always have described a Bosphorus cymbal as complex, but I would never would have described them as "trashy" or dirty. These adjectives were reserved for other brands, most notably Istanbul Agop. Within this series, there are two distinct, intertwining cymbal styles that can be mixed and match at will. The singly named Syncopation pieces are traditionally lathed, top and underside, with more, deeper, and larger hammering in spots than any of their other pieces. They also have a taller than usual profile to emphasize sticking in the upper-midrange frequencies. This higher profile truncates a little of the lows, usually associated with flatter profiled cymbals, and adds a tiny bit of extra stiffness - not much, but if you're used to the normal, super-crazy-flexible Bosphorus feel, these feel a tiny bit stiffer, but still NOWHERE near as stiff as other brands.
The Syncopation SW series has all the attributes of the former, but is drier, with less wash, and offers greater stick definition, with less overall decay. Their appearance is darker due to the extra patina process they are put through."

$285 +$35 shipping to lower 48 United States only - payment via PayPal. Shipping free to DFO members.

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20 Bos Sync Ride 2030g_rivet holes.jpg
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