Bosphorus New Orleans 14" Hi Hats for other Cymbals / Certain Drums and Parts


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Oct 20, 2011
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I have a really nice, hardly used set of Bosphorus New Orleans 14" hi-hats. Great sound but they don't really "fit in" with my other Bosphorus cymbals. 892G top, 1108 bottom.

Would trade for Bosphorus Samba 14" hi hats or 22" ride, Bosphorus Black Pearl 24", Meinl Byzance Vintage 20" Crash, Meinl Byzance Jazz Thin 20" Crash, Istanbul Agop Signature 20" Crash, Istanbul Agop Signature 21" Ride, Paiste Masters Thin 20" Cymbal, Paiste Giant Beat 24"

I'm also looking for a 12x8" Leedy (Slingerland Era) in red sparkle. I'd also consider a partial trade for a few parts: Ludwig 5/16" curved spurs, Ludwig 70's era bass drum claws and tension rods, Camco bass drum tension rods and claws (8 of each), Camco rack tom mounts (need 2...or even just the inserts the tom arm slide into), Slingerland floor tom leg brackets (3), Slingerland 14" 8 lug rims (pair for floor tom)

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