Budget Drum Wrap


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Nov 6, 2005
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close to l.a. in so cal
hey, i have some drum wrap for sale. this is the same material used on entry level and some mid level drums.

i have a good amount left in the following colors:
- green
- maroon

i am low on the following colors:
- wine red (maybe a few kits worth + misc tom and snare sizes / inlays

- dark blue (for inlays, toms and snares up to 14")

- metallic silver (toms, snares and inlays)

this material is not avail at online retail so if you're looking for material to match your kit or re-wrap your players kit on a budget get it now while you can. once its gone i won't be able to get it again.

- a set of two 7/8 inlays is $10.
- all snare material from 6 1/2 x 14" down is $10. ea.
- for a kit price everyone has different sizes so send the dimensions and i'll let you know (read specs below)

local pick up in so-cal or i can ship in the u.s.a. i just need a zip to get a quote.

PM me or hit me directly. thanks.

wrap specs:

- its all new / old stock with the peel away protective covering on them.

- the DEPTH of the material ranges from 15 1/4 and sometimes 15 1/2. meaning this material will cover kick drums up to 16" deep only. once centered on the shell your heads and hoops will cover the edges.

- most have tape strips on them as they're cut to size for the drums they were to go onto (taye) some have used the tape while others have glued over them.