Can you name a popular and commercially successful player who isn't a highly talented player?

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Feb 17, 2015
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I can think of a guy who's initials fit with DrumForum...

...but on the positive side, I'd like to say that, every time I happen upon anything by Blondie, live or in the studio, I'm always blown away by how truly good Clem Burke is. Seriously.
You know about Clem Burke's two-day stint with the Ramones?



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Apr 2, 2019
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True. Guys on the Pearl site were ripping Tommy Aldridge playing a solo on a Yamaha promo saying he was sloppy. I still think he's great.

They pulled the same bullshit in the comments section on Youtube and I couldn't believe my eyes. Tommy is one of the most brilliant hard rock drummers of a generation. These jackasses are either trolling, jealous or both. It was no help that the new Yamaha kits sound like plastic buckets that little kids use for making sandcastles at the beach, not too much Tommy could've done about that. His skills were most DEFINITELY not the problem in that video.


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Apr 26, 2016
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There's a difference between being a technically skilled and a "highly talented" player. Aside from David Gilmour, no one in Pink Floyd was a technically skilled player (even Rick Wright claimed he couldn't play a scale properly), and they were a great band, and some people -- myself included -- thought they were better with Syd Barrett, a less technically skilled guitarist than Gilmour.
As a huge Gilmour fan...I never considered him technical. I always considered David the antithesis to technical when it came to playing. He admits that he wasn't blessed with speed or chops. He never even could read music until his grand daughter started taking lessons in school, which inspired him to pick up the sax.
Also.....while I appreciate the "mystique" that surrounds Syd and I would no way argue whatever music one is drawn to, I find it amazing that you would prefer the era of PF with Syd over Gilmour. Again...not knocking you as we all have different taste but just am surprised anyone would hold that opinion given the limited work Syd produced. You are one of the few I have ever make that statement. You ought to head over to and start a thread over there :)

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