Canopus endorsement


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Sep 22, 2014
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From there they decide whether you are an accessory endorser or full endorser if you qualify?

More curious about the process after you fill out the form.
No, that's all I wanted to endorse was the wires, etc. as I already had a drum endorsement with another brand/company. I met with them during Winter NAMM 2019 and that how I got things working from there.

Even though I'm an accessory artist I was open to buy any items from them at a discount so I bought an Ash series snare (as with my drum kit endorsement I'm allowed to use any brand snare drum per their contract).

After you fill out the application they will contact you that they'll offer you a contract or decline the offer to you as an artist. With the contract it'll have the artist prices of equipment and you pretty much email them what you want and go from there. That's pretty much the whole process.

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