Canopus Hammered Bronze Snare 5.5 x 14


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Mar 8, 2013
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SOLD Thank You For sale here is a mint Canopus hammered bronze snare drum (Model HBZ 1455) Measures 5.5 x 14. Features original unused (except to re-tune) Canopus Remo heads top and bottom, (photos show Remo heads but I put the original unused Canopus heads back on) 2.3mm triple flange hoops, bolt tights on the lugs, 8 brass lugs, Canopus throw off and Vintage (dry model) snare wire. AND I have the original box the drum shipped in to me; however, I will double box the item so that the original box doesn't get damaged and for extra protection.

$425.00 shipped in the ConUS

Drum never gigged or left my house. Purchased new November 2016. Paper tag inside reads July 2016. Canopus makes quality instruments and there's a lot of snare drum here for the money. Email better than pm:


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