ChordPulse - Easy Song Creator for Metronome/Play Alongs at different BPM


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Apr 14, 2008
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I made a reference to the ChordPulse free player in another thread, and since there is no dialog on the full product here, I thought I would give it a separate named thread.

There are several song makers out there, but the advantage of this one is:
- super easy, fast use
- inexpensive

I know tools like Band In A Box are promoted as easy to use, but that's way, way overkill for what I use these tools for, which is: to easily and quickly generate simple play alongs for drum practicing that are more interesting than - playing to metronomes.

ChordPulse has a simple interface where you type out a chord progression, choose a style, choose a BPM, and off it goes. Again, this is not Band In A Box, but if you want super easy and inexpensive, this is a great choice.

I have been using the tool for about 5 years, and I find it very helpful. You can check it out here:

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