Cleaning Gold hardware


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Apr 28, 2020
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I have a DW Collector Series kit with gold hardware. After a few years, I noticed what appeared to be a hazing on the gold hardware and sought advice on how to clean it without damaging it. Come on, it's gold plating not solid gold so there is a super-thin layer of gold plating to work with.
One source suggested using only a microfiber cloth. Nope.
One source suggested Dawn dish washing soap and water. Nope.
Then I found in the Pearl Drummer's Forum a post by drummeric touting Paul Carrizo's "well-published" method. Never found any other references to Paul's method but decided to give it a go, nonetheless.
Here's the link:

I didn't document my process like drummeric did, but I can tell you his method works! I modified it only slightly to make it easier:
Using hot water is required so I broke out my new Anovo sous vide cooker, hung it on the side of the bucket and set the temp for 125 degrees. Hot enough to work and not so hot you can't put your (gloved) hands in without being burned.
I did my smallest drum first. I submerged the hardware for 10-15 minutes and gave it a quick water rinse and then dried with old, soft t-shirt material.
It looks like new!
I tried to time when I put parts in so I could pull them out, rinse, and dry before pulling out the next batch, i.e., if it takes 3 minutes to rinse and dry the hoops, put the lugs in three minutes later, etc.
Here's the before:


And the after:



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Feb 16, 2016
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Wow - great job! I have 2 DW Craviotto snares - one is perfect, but the other has some tarnish to the gold hardware - good to know this would work! BTW, the shells look killer - what is that circle/star design?