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Mar 21, 2020
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Do you have a acoustic that needs to be turned into an electric (without paying a ton of money,) there is such a thing as compact pickups that you can buy ranging from about 20$ and upwards. You simply stick it on the acoustic or cigar box guitar as it is not invasive. It just sits on there. Stuck to it lol.

I didn't want to go too expensive so I bought one of these bad boys before the guitar guy touched my guitar. He charged me 20$ to basically put it in the shop where he was gonna drill a hole and put in a piezo piece which would take about a month.

The good thing is that he tuned it to g for me, and my cousin fixed the metal strap holding the cigar case close. The pickup comes with a patch cord so you can plug it into any amplifier.

Good luck and happy playings!

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