Corona Quarantine Setup Changes - pedal, beater, Fiberskyn Dimplomat, oh my!

Josh Vibert

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Apr 23, 2010
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Braselton, GA
I was sick of messing around with having a double pedal on my kit. I've also been trying to go back to basics and do some fundamental metronome/book/rudiment practice. Along with this I wanted to mess with some different sounds. So, I turned the slave side of my double into a single with a Vater Vintage Bomber beater. I raised my cymbals up and angled them a bit, and I put this Fiberskyn Dimplomat batter on my Black Beauty 6.5x14. Wires are 30 Strand Puresounds pretty loose. Sounds are from my Blue Snowball. I'm digging it for now. Here's some "wankery" as we used to say on Cymbalholics. 20" Ren @ 1820g on the left, 22" MTL @ 2536g on the right.

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