Craviotto 6.5 x 14 Walnut. 2016 with lowered price!


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Dec 12, 2014
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Austin, TX
Hate to part with this drum. Totally love it, but had the opportunity to purchase a different Craviotto that I've always wanted, so I need to sell this to finance the other one.

Amazing drum. Signed in 2016, so just a few months before Johnny's passing. It has an Aquarian vintage head on it, but will look for and include a Craviotto head if I can find one that hasn't been played out.

I purchased this drum from Steve Maxwell. The wood is walnut, but is a pretty light wood. Often this lighter walnut is called Butternut. To my eyes, it almost looks light Mahogany, but it's definitely Walnut. Double Walnut inlay, ten lugs, 30º edges top and bottom, and WOOD HOOPS!. I do have a certificate, but honestly, I think Steve filled it out. Certificate does not have Johnny's signature. It will also come with it's Craviotto bag and I will ship in a Craviotto box.

This is a rare drum in immaculate condition, and we all know the ones with his signature are getting harder to come by.

In addition to a lowered price, I can also sell this drum for less by swapping out the wood hoops for Craviotto metal rims

1600.00 with the wood hoops. 1300.00 with steel hoops
. Plus actual shipping with insurance based on your location. I take paypal.


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Oct 24, 2018
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Great great price for a signed Craviotto (with double inlay and the much rarer and great-sounding 30-degree edges). I'm a church mouse right now, but this will only increase in value. Even if it sounded like a trash can, it would be a solid investment. But it doesn't. It couldn't.

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