Creation of an off topic forum


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Jan 11, 2010
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Borders of Scotland
I think an off topic section would reduce the clutter of the general discussion board, which i believe should be focused apon drumming and asociated topics. Too often a good drumming conundrum or question has found its way to the bottom of the pile (and therfore unseen) far quicker than it perhaps should have. Also it would be nice to have an area (off topic) to post random (non drumming related) sentiments, not just a shout box, but a place for discussion; personaly i do love posting random subjects.

If anyone knows how to forward this to the site administrator/owner could they please do so.

Cheers folks, if you agree give me a post and show your support.

Ps. I enjoy talking about politics and religion; do you think that could possibily be allowed there?.

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