Cymbal stacking help!


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Aug 12, 2018
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So I'm out of room (I cannot add another stand!) and I'd like to stack 2 cymbals. Bottom of the stack a 22" ride, top of the stack a 17" crash. I need enough clearance between both so the crash doesn't hit the ride. The ride is going to be an aux ride diagonally to the left of where I sit. The stack will be on a Gibraltar 9709 heavy duty stand. I emailed Gibraltar to get a recommendation and they suggested the SC-BCSA. I read about this stacker and people complained that it's held on with a bolt that squeezes into the cymbal stand rod and possibly ruining the threads. The 9709 stand is not a crappy stand and I'm scared to mess it up. I thought all stackers just screw on but apparently not all do. What do you guys think or does anybody have any other ideas or stacker you can suggest that would work? Here is a picture of the one they suggested:
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