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Feb 3, 2012
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Finally had a chance to play my new MTL with a group. What a cymbal!
Absolutely beautiful in the music. I played with two guitarists and it just sounded so good with those sounds. It's so perfect.
I'm kind of surprised about how much stick this thing has for it's weight. 2400g's at 22". Once we add other instrumentalists and turn up the volume a little more, it might get lost, especially in a bigger room, but man, it's so nice for what I'm doing right now. The bell is beautiful. It crashes so nicely.
I think there's a comparison you could make between sports cars and economy cars:
Once you get her going and wound up and you're really cruising, a sports car has even more to give at higher speeds.
This cymbal has that perfect balance or ratio where you can be playing a fast tempo at a decent volume and then when you slap her with a shank or edge crash there is just that perfect accent at a higher volume. And then it sticks around for just the perfect amount of time. It's just so expressive and interesting, while being dark and tonally beautiful.
A real keeper.
Didn’t I tell you?! Glad you found a good one!

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