dFd Drum Factory Direct grab bag


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Aug 24, 2010
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Sequim (skwim), Washington
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has pondered dFd's grab bags. I bought a $60 (IIRC) wood rim bundle because it had some Yamaha style wood rims. My order already had $25 shipping and this bumped that to $30. Here's what I got:
13" 6 hole Y style wood rim, outside painted white. - got lucky as I'm making a snare drum from a white shell that is 13" with 6 sets of lug holes.
10" 6 hole Y style wood rim
8" 5 hole Y style wood rim - - - these first three are flat and in round, look new

10" flat one inch wood hoop - this is warped and may be unusable - goes in hardwood pile
16" wood bass drum hoop - this is not perfect but I think it will work fine despite a slight warp

six 14" snare side flat one inch wood hoops - these seem perfect. There are a lot of these in various grab bags. I think I'll get some mini claws and try these out, top and bottom.

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