Distance learning and audio? Newbie streaming 101

Michael Beechey

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May 19, 2007
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so my chinese connection is coming through with an offer to teach online...to his database of 300 students on other instruments...approaching those parents to have their children learn drumming....they are very driven there...diff classes every day

he uses a custom chinese app that distributes the lesson and stays valid for 5 weeks, which is the course length, and can't be downloaded by the users. students can replay and respond for that time, but it times out after that....clever...unless someone is more clever and figures out to hack it. All his students are those who he has met in his live workshops in china...no one is accepted who he does not know personally. He does his classes live, on other instruments...i would probably want to record first, and not wing it...short time, 5 mins at end of class for questions....students can send clips of themself playing, later.

my question is related to sound quality

i have a couple of zoom recorders, Q3 and an older one. The q3 is supposed to be able to stream, but haven't got it to do that yet

iphones have a terrible sound....so how do i premix the sound to output to an app? i have a couple of good mics and a mixer, but i don't know the hookups etc...do the sound seperately from the audio and sync later?

thanks in advance!


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Aug 5, 2005
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Michael - are you talking - audio only? Or is there video involved as well?

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