Do you prefer Lacquer or Wrap for your kits and why?

Do you prefer Lacquer or Wrap

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May 11, 2006
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I didn't vote because I only use Urethane Basecoat/Clearcoat. It will outlast any lacquer and contrary to some people's opinions it doesn't change the sound. Depth of gloss is much deeper than lacquer and is really easy to touch up if needed. Here are two of my kits done that way. View attachment 493449
I think everyone lumps the two together, whether they are painted and clear coated or candy and cleared so the natural grain shows through. There is very little actual nitrocellulose lacquer used anymore. Most factory applied clear is some form of urethane anyway. Its much more durable and easier to apply. Some say it's more environmentally friendly if you care about that kind of thing. I would argue that point, however with modern low pressure high volume spray guns and modern paint booth technology the environmental issue is inconsequential. All the environmental laws do is drive the cost of the solvents, reducers and hardeners through the roof to keep the hobbyist from purchasing it to spray in their garages. At least that is my guess.... For example you used to be able to buy a gallon of Lacquer thinner for 6 bucks even in the 90s . It is now over $20.00 and climbing. I use it for everything from cleaning spray guns, and paint spills etc. nothing works better to get a grease stain out of fabric and carpet. But I watch with dismay as the cost for automotive paint products climb higher and higher every year....
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Sep 17, 2010
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Great North Woods, NH
I've had silver sparkle Ludwigs. clear Fibes, and lacquered DWs. Wood is borderline sacred in my book so of course I prefer the lacquered natural finish. But I have nothing against a nice wrap. The sonic difference is probably about as pronounced as wood species variations. I would not go acrylic again.