Do You Remember, the 21st Night of September?

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May 28, 2019
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Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia describing some of Maurice White's impressive drumming exploits. Does anyone know if he played drums on any of EW&F's hits?

". . . During his teenage years, White moved to Chicago where he studied at the Chicago Conservatory of Music, and played drums in local nightclubs. In 1962, along with other studio musicians at Chess, he was a member of the Jazzmen, who later became the Pharaohs.[12] He later found work as a session drummer for Chess Records. While at Chess, he played on the records of artists such as Etta James, Chuck Berry, Rotary Connection, Junior Wells, Sonny Stitt, Muddy Waters, the Impressions, the Dells, Betty Everett, Willie Dixon, Sugar Pie DeSanto and Buddy Guy.[13][14] White also played the drums on Fontella Bass's "Rescue Me", Billy Stewart's "Summertime" and Jackie Wilson's (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher.[15][16]

"In June 1966, he joined the Ramsey Lewis Trio, replacing Isaac "Red" Holt as the group's drummer.[17] Holt and bassist Eldee Young left to form Young-Holt Unlimited. Young was also replaced by Cleveland Eaton.[18] As a member of the Trio, Maurice played on several of their albums. One of these was 1966's Wade in the Water. The album track "Hold It Right There" went on to win a Grammy Award for Best Rhythm & Blues Group Performance, Vocal or Group . With the Trio White also played on 1966's The Movie Album and 1967's Goin' Latin. He also performed on The Trio's 1968 LPs Dancing in the Street, Up Pops Ramsey Lewis, Mother Nature's Son and Maiden Voyage. While in the group White was introduced in a Chicago drum store to the African thumb piano or kalimba. With this so the track "Uhuru" upon the Trio's 1969 LP Another Voyage' featured the first recording of White playing the kalimba."



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Feb 16, 2016
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I was just thinking of the Temptations quoted above!

I am a Sept. baby on the 23rd so all of these songs are pretty, soooooooo pretty!



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Aug 5, 2005
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When I was a kid I was shocked to learn that this was actually a Beatles song!
I read somewhere that this is the only cover of a Beatles song that is more popular than the original.