Does your taste in drums reflect your taste in cars?


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May 11, 2006
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I had that exact kit in 1979, however I moved the toms from the base drum to a stand and positioned all the toms on either side of the kick. They were loud as heck, black solid color vistalites exactly like those.

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I like buying used Chrysler town and country mini vans removing all but the two front seats
and am not concerned with over all appearance as much as reliability, reasonable fuel economy,
and a generous cargo payload they always run great with a smooth ride and plenty of power
I can work a job and a drum run all at the same time.
and when they quit, at between a quarter to half a million miles
Usually from either a failed rear axle from the road salt here in the north east or a head gasket leak,
I just go right out and buy another one.
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