Double pedal that feels like Tama HP50?


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Jan 18, 2017
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oakland ca
Awhile back I tried a Tama HP50 "Classic" bass drum pedal for awhile and really liked it. But I would up buying a new toeclamp for my old DW5000 double and "fixing it up" instead. Well, the DW is breaking down in other ways now ... it's 30 years old, bless its heart ... and so I'm back to looking at new pedals again.

Anybody know of a double pedal that's similar in feel to the Tama? Looking for something simple and responsive ... don't need a million adjustments nor do I need top of the line (would rather spend less $$$ than more if I can help it). I don't play a lot of fast or complicated double kick stuff, but I enjoy practicing with it and so would rather get a double than single. Thanks in advance.

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