Drum Shed and Kit Placement


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Jan 13, 2021
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I'm finalizing plans for my drum shed discussed in another thread. Thr footprint will be 20'x20' under roof with 4x20 being a covered porch. Approximately 4x16 storage area with barn doors at one end with a 8x16' sleeping loft over that. This leaves 16x16 of open space for a music area and a couch and chair. To get the wife to buy in, this space has to double as additional family sleeping sleeping space. I'm thinking a 6/12 pitch roof with the gables on the ends (not the porch side). Since the drums will be across from the loft there will be a 13ft peaked ceiling above the drums. The walls will be solid 4" D logs. I've included a sketch and a pic of the general "look" we are going for. The porch is on the front and storage on right in sketch

My main question is about drum set placement. Functionally I would love it to be in one of the corners across from the storage area facing out., but I'm wondering if it would be better in the center of the wall directly under the roof peak? We will use acoustic panels and furniture strategically as needed for acoustic. The roof will be insulated and walls solid 4" wood. Probably carpeted floors or lots of Oriental rugs.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


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Feb 28, 2010
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Baldwin, Michigan
My wife and I just retired and moved out into a very rural area. We're thinking of doing something similar.

Drum placement? I've always put mine in a corner. It seems like the best use of space. And while 16x16 is a decent size, the real estate will get eaten up fast.