Drum with Mike and Eddy - podcast worth listening to!


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Jul 13, 2020
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I did a quick search but didn’t see much conversation about this podcast. I started listening because carter McLean was a part of an episode discussing inspiration vs motivation. As if the wisdom shared in that episode wasn’t already enough, I decided on a whim to start from the top after listening to this episode. I truly am loving it! It’s not another interview program where they try to come up with 3 questions about the player’s mom and why she likes flip flops more than tennis shoes cause they need questions that no other interviewer asked on the other podcast episode with that same player. DRUM with Mike and Eddy is just 2 guys (most of the time) talking about many aspects of music and life. Nothing really technical being discussed. And honestly, not all of it is for me per say (I am not a drummer trying to “make it” via Instagram or some silly thing like that) BUT more times than not, I find it enjoyable to hear the conversation of the two hosts of the show.

Has anyone else been listening to this podcast?