Drummed for the 1st time in months/used some new toys


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Oct 6, 2005
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Needham MA...
One of my bands agreed to a distanced out door practice at our bass players house. He had a kit and some cymbals...he joked that they were just ok. I told him I'd bring two snares, a bass drum pedal and a cymbal I picked up but didn't have an opportunity to use.

When I pulled up he had his Taye Studio Maples 3 pc in the driveway (18/12/14)...a K fast crash and new beat hats and a 21" Wuhan Sizzle ride I sold him.

I had brought my new to me Tama classic Bass drum pedal (height adjustable, perfect for the 18) and used a trick beater which was great.

I swapped between a new to me RMV snare and a Kent/Paramount 6 lugger. Both Need some fine tuning but were great. the 18 Meinl sizzle cymbal I brought (foundry?) was a great ride and crash...very nice bell...I used the Wuhan for a few tunes...it was much better than I remembered it.

For not having played in months I did OK...not genius moments...and no dumb ones...we pretty much remembered our set....and no neighbors complained (one called to compliment).