Dunnett 6.5x14 Birch Snare - One of a Kind!


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Mar 13, 2006
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Portland, OR
For your consideration - this custom built snare drum by Ronn Dunnet:

6.5 x 14 Birch Shell
Cream Lacquer Finish
Named "Krispy"
Built on 12-9-04
Inscribed: "For my great pal JVN"
Custom "Krispy Kreme DUNNETT" tag on interior.

JVN is John Van Ness, an east coast brand rep, from whom I bought this drum in Connecticut in the mid-2000s. If I recall, there was some history of Ronn and John getting together at NAMM, some early morning doughnut stories, an affection for 1940's Slingerland drums, and the result was this snare.

There is no air vent on this drum, and it's a thin shell with quite wide snare beds - all in keeping with Ronn's building philosophy then (and now?). The cream lacquer is beautiful and in superb shape. The throw off is actually a Dunnett prototype built for DW, hence the logo. It has a great tuning range and is super responsive.

This drum originally came with the (then just-released) repro beavertail lugs. I replaced the repro lugs with actual 40's/50's Slingerland casings - they show their age, but are in excellent shape (see photos) and are much stronger and built better than the modern reproductions that came with the snare.

Fresh heads and wires were installed in the not too distant past (Coated/Hazy Ambassador, 24-strand Puresound) with little play time since. At that time, the drum also got fresh DW TrueHoops.

$450 shipped in the ConUS. Thanks for looking!

Two videos of it at different tunings, with and without a muffle ring:


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