Dw Performance vs Yamaha RC Sq1 Sonor stage customs


Jul 31, 2020
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Finally finished my sound proof drum room and looking for a new kit just because. I recently bought a stage custom to start out with something that sounds good for recording and I was honestly surprised at the sound and the quality of the kit. Put remo ambassadors on it and kit really sings.
I mostly play fast metal and on occasion some lower BPM rock stuff. Just looking for feed back on the three kits.
Looking at the blue Dw performance kit from Maine Drum shop 12x8,10x8,20x16,14x114 for sizes.
A demo model Sq1 from drumcenter of portsmith I believe its a 22" kick with 12 and 16 toms.
Lastly a Live hybrid oak custom- havent found a used one yet but ,figured if its really superior worth waiting around for one to show up.

Any reason to go with one over the other? does one stand out as "better" or at this price point are they all pretty evenly matched for performance?