eames birch drum set purchase - just need some basic info please


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Dec 22, 2015
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glenville n.y.
hey guys......i havent had a birch kit in years. i just purchased an eames 13,14,18,24x16 kit.........does anyone have any great head options for me and those type of drums. i like rock...i like a lower tuning but nothing crazy. and dont forget my bass drum....will at least be chagning out the reso. thanks
oh and i dont know what ply they are...my bad...they came up and i knew that they were a desirable kit and people love em....so i made the deal and grabbed em fairly cheap i think....675.00....come to find out afterwards there are 4? different ply thickness options......they owner of the shop said......." THEY SING ". so i was sold no matter what ply....hey, if they sound that good, i might not even need you guys...lol....he put new clear emps on top and cant remember the resos he used


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Oct 6, 2005
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Needham MA...
Congrads...that's a great deal on some unusual sizes.

I've only had snares and I used what I normally would on any other on them.

If I were in your shoes I'd probably look for a Superkick and use Aquarian Performance 2s (PF2) on the mounted toms...especially if you're being mic'ed.

Marc M

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Jun 12, 2007
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atlanta ga
As an Eames kit owner congrats on you kit,sounds like you got a great deal.It should be pretty easy to figure out what you have by either counting plies or measuring thickness of the shells,each 3 plies are 1/8 thick so 6 plies would be Finetone,1/4 thick,Naturaltone 9 ply 3/8,Mastertone 12 ply 1/2.The vintage E shell is 6 ply with a 6 ply re ring.
On the toms I liked remo rens,clear ambs or coated ambs on batters with clear amb resos.On the kick I have liked PS 3 batter with clear amb reso,or Super kick 2 with lear emp reso.
I think Eames have a dark rich tone,and are very musical sounding.