Eames / Rogers hybrid 8 x 14" 15 ply snare drum

Rich K.

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Aug 5, 2005
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Savannah, GA
Beautiful Eames shelled snare drum with Rogers hardware from we think around 1979-80.
According to Eames;

"You have what looks to be an Eames Master Model (15 ply) snare drum
made of North American birch.
Eames has been exclusively North American birch since it's inception in 1950.

If you check inside the shell just to the right of the seam you will
see some information stamped into the wood.
"Eames" followed by a date and (with Master Models) the original owner's name.

I can see the stamping in some of the pictures you sent, I just can't
make out what it says due to clarity.

One thing I noticed is that your drum has a wooden grommet (air vent)
on both the outside and inside of the shell. I believe this was only
done in the very late 70's to early 80's but the actual date will be

I can't see a date stamp but Eames Master Model and the BeBop Shop are embossed inside the shell.

Condition is really nice. There are some dark streaks on the outside of the shell... not sure if that happened or came that way.

The hardware is pretty clean. A little tarnish on the rims if you look, and some pitting on the strainer... not much on the lugs.

I put on new Remo Ambassadors top and bottom.

The drum sounds awesome. Very crisp and sensitive.
It's big and HEAVY.

Asking $749. Will ship free to forum folk.ea1.JPG



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Aug 31, 2009
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A friend recently picked an 80s Eames,6x13,beautifully done with natural finish,trip flange,pearl throw and butt from the 80s,8 lugger.
Yours looks wonderful,the craftsmanship is worth every penny!
Much Success!

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