East Coast tour video

Living Dead Drummer

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Sep 19, 2017
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Los Angeles, CA
Here's one from the tour I just wrapped up with Pretty Boy Floyd. Excuse the GoPro camera audio, it's super compressed. I'll have some more uploaded soon.

For the nerds like me, here's the gear rundown from the tour:

Yamaha Maple Custom 16x24 kick
8x12 Mounted Tom
16x16 Floor
16x18 Floor
7x14 Brass Snare

Aquarian Heads
Clear Force 10's on Toms
Clear Super Kick II on kick batter
Coated Hi-Velocity Snare head w/ small leather snare weight.

Paiste 2002 Cymbals
14" Sound Edge Hats
2x 19" Crashes
22" Power Ride
18" China

LP Rock Ridge Cowbell

Ahead 5AB Concert sticks.