Electronic drum kit up to €800/$900 - Roland TD-1DMK?


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Dec 14, 2018
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Hi guys,

I used to be an acoustic drummer in my teenage years, and now I want to go for an electronic drum kit, mainly for the following reasons:

- The goal is to practice / have fun / record some compositions;

- I can't make noise again, at all;

- Diversity of sounds that I can achieve with the same materials.

My plafond is around €800/$900 and for what I've seen in the market, looks like the recent drum kit Roland TD-1DMK is close to what I want. It costs around €615,00/$700,00 https://www.roland.com/global/products/td-1dmk/

With the kit, I'd buy:

- Double pedal Ashton BDP400TW for €135,00/$150,00 http://ashtonmusic.com/products-6/drums-and-percussion/drum-hardware-and-accessories/ashton-bdp400tw-twin-bass-drum-pedal

- Nylon brushes (no metal, so that I don't ruin pads) Promark B400 for €32,00/$36,00 http://www.promark.com/pmProductDetail.Page?ActiveID=3917&productid=175&sid=063fe95f-0c0c-47b4-afca-834dfec9b7fd

- Two pair of sticks Ashton DST7A for €8,00/$9,00 http://ashtonmusic.com/products-6/drums-and-percussion/ashton-dst7a-drumsticks-pair

- One seat Ashton DT130 for €45,00/$50,00 http://ashtonmusic.com/products-3/drums-and-percussion/drum-hardware-and-accessories/ashton-dt130-drum-stool-double-brace

Making a total of €835,00/$940,00. A few keypoints regarding this kit:

- Possibility to use double pedal (I remember at the time with the acoustic drums I wanted to make this upgrade);

- TD-1 module has good reviews in terms of sound quality, as well as it can be used to pass MIDI information to PC and even use smartphone apps;

- All pads are mesh;

- Snare is dual trigger, head and rim;

- Toms are a one zone trigger only, which is kind of meh;

- Ride and crash are dual zone. I'd really like to have the third zone, to achieve the bell sound, but I guess that's okay.

- Hi-hat works closed, open and half-open.

- For what I could understand, I can't add more elements to the module, which kinda sucks if I want to make upgrades in the future.

In your opinion, am I buying a good kit with the available plafond? I've seen some Alesis modules that seem to be more configurable (in terms of sound variations, etc), where all toms are dual zone and crash and ride are three zones, in another hand people say that pads aren't so durable and the quality of sound of modules don't compare to Roland.

Thanks in advance for your help!