electronic drums - recommendations

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Sep 15, 2010
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I'd get one of the Yamaha or Roland kits that sell new for about USA $ 500. Don't expect the same performance as acoustic drums. Electronic drums are different. But they have a volume control, and I like the metronome and all the different sounding drum kits. They sound really good in headphones. I played my kit at some gigs, they sound OK at restaurants and are about the same work to move as a bop kit. Plug in your cell phone and play along with YouTube songs.
Having played an older Yamaha DTX kit with rubber pads and the next to bottom of the line Roland TD-1KV with rubber pads and one mesh pad for the snare and then my Roland TD-11kv I cannot agree with this. The TD-1kv is a toy. It has very limited adjustability and very limited sounds. The pads and cymbals are very basic. You will outgrow this thing in a very short time.

You really have to spend around $1500 for a good starter kit if you intend to use them a lot and you want to be able to have placement similar to your acoustic set. The cymbals you get in this price range are light years better than the entry level one. You can get a better deal on a used kit so go that route to save money but a cheap set will leave you with an incorrect impression of what a decent electronic kit can do.