Eric McPherson

Feb 15, 2010
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When I first moved to NJ-NYC, the first young drummers that I heard in person were Joe Farnsworth, Nasheet Waits, Ali Jackson, Alvester Garnett, and Eric McPherson.

Every time I heard these guys play, I was terrified. Every little gig they did around town, and jam session that they ran, sounded (pretty much) like this (or at least this intense.) Most people are aware of Farns, and Nasheet, and hopefully Ali (he does play with Wynton.) I put these five guys on the same level, they all have such unique voices, I thank them all for the encouragement, inspiration, and help that they gave to me.

But this specific post is about Eric, he's such a bad cat, and a super nice guy. I think he is running the Jazz Department at the Hartt school of music, any young jazz drumming student would be wise to look him up.

Soak this in

While this is a gig with Jackie McLean's KILLIN band (hardly a jam session,) but this is the bar that we were-are all reaching for. Listen to Eric's musicality, fire, swing, and intensity. Jackie's son Rene is playing tenor, and I was lucky to do a good deal of playing with him (wish I had some videos) after his father passed.

Eric went on to play with Andrew Hill in his trio, and Fred Hersch, and many others!

Here he is with Andrew.

And with Fred Hersch.

I just wanted to post about some living jazz drumming (and lesser talked about) greats!
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