Extreme Drum Triggers for 5 Piece Kit


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Jul 26, 2007
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The Great Black Swamp
Up for sale is a set of Extreme Drum triggers. I was planning on using an e-kit at home but decided against it. I have been using Extreme Triggers for around seven years now at Church, and couldn't be more pleased with them than I am. Marshall Rinker, the owner, is a standup guy and very helpful. I've never had a fail in all of those years. These are extremely sturdy units, mount internally off of a lug screw, and are accurate. Even buzz rolls track very well. I have tried various external triggers, and these track much better, especially the bass drum.
Included are 3 X-1 single zone triggers, an X-1 R Dual Zone trigger, and a bass drum trigger. All but the X-1-R have only been used once, that trigger was replaced with an X-1 when I bought an LP Rhythm Block for side stick. It works fine, though. Also included are extra cable for all of the triggers and all screws and washers needed for assembly. New these are $297.50, asking $200. I am also selling a TD-11 Module, I will bundle them both for $400. Thanks for looking!


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