Favorite L-arm?


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Oct 6, 2005
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Needham MA...
On Black Friday I picked up a used Fibes Fiberglass kit. The kick is 24" and Virgin.

I think I will probably fly the mounted tom (a 13, it came w/a 14 too) from a stand but I like the idea of L arms and have them on two other bass drums (a 22" wooden one has the tall DW, a 24 has a generic or gibralter). I should mention the 22 came to me with a hole for a straight cymbal mount using one of the old Gretsch style spur mounts (I found a Kent piece that works perfectly).

I mentioned to someone that I was thinking of using an INDE tom mount for the 13 (the Fibes ball was removed and a Slingerland mount installed). I think I could use an INDE for an L arm too. The only down side is cost.


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