Fibes Austin Purple Sparkle 20-13-16


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Mar 13, 2006
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Portland, OR
Looking for $1250 + actual shipping.

- 14x20 - 10x13 - 16x16.
- Jasper shells.
- Fibes spring-loaded spurs with holders on the bottom of the kick (for when they are removed).
- Ludwig/Gibraltar-style tom holder (1" tube) on the kick with single tom arm.
- I replaced the shell-mounted Fibes bracket with an INDe bracket (low profile suspension) that definitely opens the drum
up. Original bracket included.
- Original logo kick head and suede PS3 on the kick.
- Remo Classic Fit Ambassadors top and bottom.
- Includes spare parts as shown: original tom bracket, extra lug, extra spur brackets, gaskets.

- According to the first owner, the original tom mount on the kick (Yamaha) was replaced by the Ludwig that is on there now. This swap was either done at the factory, or shortly thereafter (I can't remember) by someone who did a PRO JOB. The plugs are so tight and smooth you will never think about them (pictured).

- The 16" shell is slightly "oversized" a la vintage Gretsch. When I first got the kit, this gave the drum a kind of crazy, pre-EQ'd vibe that was, honestly, awesome sounding. Since then, I've removed the gaskets from the floor tom lugs (they'll be included) and started using Remo Classic Fit heads, and result is a much more open sounding drum that tunes easier and with more range.

- Any color variance in the photos is from the sun and the angle of the rack tom - these drums match 100%!


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