Flatheadz Tuning Hoop review


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Aug 5, 2005
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Review : Flatheadz 14” tuning hoops

I recently picked up a set of 10 hole 14” Flatheadz tuning hoops from Eccentric Systems. The idea is to help accelerate the tuning process. Each rim comes with laser etched markings inside the rim at each tension rod. The idea is that if the head is at the same number of etched lines from the top, it’s probably very close to in tune. Also, if you’ve been playing a while, you can probably hear the head going sour. If you want to see which tension rods have backed off, you can now visually confirm and correct this.

A hoop looks like this: http://www.eccentricsystems.com/images/img03.jpg

I put them on one of my frequently used snare drums, which went out on a gig Monday night. The head was new and subject to some settling in. I found the Flatheadz rim to be useful, as I don’t always have time or sufficient quiet to tap each tension rod point between tunes. What I like about this is that it’s easy after a tune to see if and how much a head has detuned at a given tension rod, and get it back to exactly where it was. Verifying alignment requires light though, so if you’re not in a lit area, a flashlight helps. Given light, it’s pretty easy to match each lug up to the same number of etchings. I found this got me well within the ballpark.

I like this. I will acquire more. I think all rims should come with this feature and all drum makers should incorporate it into their instruments.

This is made by the same folks who came up with the DW 900 series bass drum pedal and high hat, which are quantum improvements over their predecessors. Their URL: http://www.eccentricsystems.com/index.html .