Floor tom leg lock option for Yamaha etc - Pearl LG-04S


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Jun 12, 2010
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I've had a couple inquires about the memory locks I use for Yamaha (10.5mm) floor tom legs.

Some time ago I was searching for a solution and had run across several hardware bits from various companies that could work as far as size, but were pricey, like $7 to $12 a pop. At the time, I didn't feel there was near enough value in them for me to spend that much per leg for a total of six floor tom legs.

I then stumbled upon the Pearl LG-04S memory lock, which is sized for 9.5mm. However, with a bench vise, a small rat tail file, and a couple minutes (at most) per lock, I had an appropriately sized memory lock for my Yamaha floor tom legs. Not much wizardry needed, just focus on the even removal of material around the perimeter for the entire depth of the hole. Having the legs handy for a test fit is ideal - the clearance can vary from leg to leg I found.



I've seen these things run around $4 at several sources, but the following source has then for $2.50.


I've found this shop has some very reasonable prices on parts I need. For example, a Gretsch G4945 bass drum tom holder bracket runs $29 at the above store, whereas it can run as high as $80 at other shops.

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