For Sale: Accessories, stick caddies, practice pads, tambourines, cowbells, parts...

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Sep 12, 2005
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Boston, MA
Going through my stuff and getting rid of doubles and extras... A little drummer's yard sale here on DFO before it all goes to eBay... See my other posts for more parts and stuff...

Shipping: most of these items will fit in a Priority flat-rate padded envelope or box, so figure about $8 to $14 for most items. If you buy a bunch of stuff, it will probably all fit in the same box at no extra cost (hint! hint!). Canada, overseas - just ask.

* * *

Drumfire thick rubber sound-off drum pads for quiet practice, 13", 14", 16", sorry no 12" - $25/set

Vic Firth Heavy Hitter stock pad - 12" heavy duty two-sided practice pad - $25

Remo 8" practice pad - $15

Vintage Ken (Kent?) wooden traditional practice pad - $20

Lot of 9 vintage drum key bags, great for drum key collector or to display with 1960s MIJ snare drums - $15

Pro-Mark standard size stick bag - $15

Pro-Mark Stick Depot swivel clip-on stick caddy (small, holds 2 pr. sticks ) - $10

Pro-Mark Stick Depot swivel clip-on stick caddy (large, holds several pr. sticks, brushes) - $15

Rhythm Tech DST hi-hat tambourine - $20

Nice unbranded tambourine - $15

Lot of 2 vintage 1960s drum cleaner / cymbal cleaner bottles (empty), cool ephemera for collector - $15

Small vintage cowbell - $15

Vintage 1960s Japan chrome cowbell & woodblock with holder - $35

VicFirthStockPad3.jpg RemoPracticePad1.jpg

RemoPracticePad3.jpg StickBag1.jpg

StickCaddy1b.jpg StickCaddy1d.jpg

StickCaddy2b.jpg StickCaddy2d.jpg
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Jan 4, 2008
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You've got some great items here! Hope some members take advantage of the deals. That MIJ bell/block combo is killer!

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