For Sale: Gretsch and Noble & Cooley Snare Drums

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Dec 30, 2006
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Hey, gang,

The great drum gear sell-down of 2020 continues. Now we are on to snare drums. I reserve the right to freak out and pull the listings of any of these drums.

Noble and Cooley 3 ⅞” x14 SS Classic Maple Snare w/ case --older drum and amazing in every way. PHOTOS HERE. This is not a one-dimensional piccolo; it’s a drum that can do just about everything and sound big and fat. This is the legendary model that Phil Collins and many others used as their primary snare drum in the 80s and beyond. Finish is pretty clean, brass could use a polishing. SOLD

Noble and Cooley 6.5"x13" Walnut Ply Snare w/ case
-- like new. PHOTOS HERE. Puresound wires. Although I haven't owned this one long, I'm only selling because I have too many of these things for my comfort. I have been incredibly impressed by the tone and the range of this drum which easily rivals the SS drums but with its own color and voice. I can't imagine any drummer not loving this drum and I am having a hard time talking myself into selling it. $619 shipped

Gretsch Brooklyn 5" x 14" GB4160 Chrome over Brass snare with 302 hoops-- like new. PHOTOS HERE. This is the classic 4160 but with 302 hoops and the Brooklyn badge. If you’ve always wanted a Gretsch COB drum but were put off by the brittleness of your average 4160, this is your drum-- it sounds like what everyone always wished a 4160 would sound like. $289 shipped.

PM me for PayPal info. No trades except I may consider a mint condition Yamaha Crosstown hardware pack.
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