For those that want to learn songs faster


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Oct 12, 2017
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Some time ago, I got called to gig along for a short european tour, I had to learn 21 songs + a new unpublished demo album (12 songs) in under a month and had no idea where to start honestly. That's when I started realizing I could make this a lot more efficient. Unfortunately short before the first rehearsal I was let known I was not guaranteed a contract neither a pay, so I declined the offer. (As my time is worth money, as well as the gear I'd have to invest into to make this possible like drumsticks, drum heads, etc.)
Nevertheless was a great experience. I gained a lot of knowledge into the "touring world" and also gained a couple of tricks like this one, call it hack or reverse egineering. lol

So for those that got into a rush and have no idea where to start, this might be for you.