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Nov 18, 2012
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Long Beach CA
Recorded in 92 with Virgin records. We hooked up with Miles Leonard, a young A&R guy with Virgin Records, he signed The Verve and later down the road he signed Cold Play. He liked us and he let the band stay at his Flat for 6 months while we were working out a deal with Virgin. EMI bought Virgin and EMI changed the path Virgin were taking and we got pushed to the side so we moved on. Miles went on to bigger and better things and was chairman of Warner Bros. UK and is chairman of Parlophone Records now. Those were the days!

The snare is a Ludwig Black beauty, the Kick is a Yamaha RC custom, Istanbul hi hats, Ufip ride and Zildjian crashes and no toms were used. I played the song and it was cleaned up in the computer...something new for me at the time as this was my first digital recording, always recorded to 2'' tape prior. I overdubbed tambourine, crashes and ride cymbals.


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