Friday 5 Fer - The Night Shift


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Jun 30, 2015
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Framingham, MA
Hi all,

Honored to be subbing for snappy the next two weeks. Hope he enjoys the break - I'll do my best keep up the high standards!

Instead of showcasing just one band, I went for an overall theme. Could've easily done 5 on each one, but I was hoping to hit on something for everyone. All live performances. All songs & artists I personally love. Hope you all enjoy and have a happy, safe weekend!

The Police - Bring On The Night 1979: Imo, they're at the top of their game here. Great shots of Copeland from behind the kit.
Led Zep - In The Evening 1979: Starts with a Bonham tympani solo. The band's performance is kind of loose, but good shots of JB. Notice the telephone on top of JPJ's keys! Sorry so long...
George Benson - Give Me The Night 2013: Love GB and this performance takes this tune to another level, imo. Drummer Oscar Seaton Jr, is on fire! Cool set up: 2nd hats in place of a rack tom.
Paul Simon - Late In The Evening 1992: Gadd, four sticks, pinstripes and that Mozambique groove. The whole band is having fun here...
Bill Evans - 'Round Midnight 1970: Evans, Gomez, Morrell. Nice brushwork, a Gomez solo and as usual, Evans is unreal...