FS: Paiste Dark Energy Mark 1 Light Dark Ride


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Jun 13, 2007
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East Coast
For sale is a rare and really cool 20 Paiste Dark Energy Mark 1 Light Dark Ride. Long out of production, these do not commonly come up for sale. Its in great shape and I think is visually and sonically one of the more interesting cymbals Paiste has made. Its kinda like a hybrid between an Agop vezir and a Paiste trad. Prominent silvery stick sound with some darkness and complexity, gorgeous bell tones, and a dry but full complex crash. While I do not have an scale, I would say this is medium-light in weight, ie around 2000 grams.

Asking $425 plus shipping in the US. I'm willing to ship elsewhere for additional cost. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks!

I recorded a quick iphone video to give a general idea its sound.

Here are a couple of far better videos than mine. Though not of this particular cymbal as far as I know, they give a much better representation of the light dark ride:

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