FS: Vintage Gretsch 16" field snare drum wood hoops 60s 3 ply w/ Field Snare Tension Rope & Nylon Gut Snare Wires


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Jul 9, 2009
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Gretsch 60s 16" snare drum wood hoops
These are from a vintage Gretsch Round Badge 14x16 rope tension field snare drum 1960s
The hoops have rope tension slots/angled eyelet holes as you would expect; as to allow the rope to tension through back and forth throughout all the hoop eyelets etc
Hoops are in excellent condition overall, this field drum was barely used.
There's a small metal eyelet that was attached by three screws even though there are factory holes for four small screws/3 of which are there. Was that way upon getting it etc.
3 ply
One hoop snare bed channels cut
They are painted inside and out, paint is still in excellent condition overall. The drum/hoops were used very little if at all. Hoops were on the drum when I got it and I was the first person to ever take it apart.
They sit flat and are in round.
Nylon snare wire included. Unsure if it is gut/seems more likely nylon. Wires are in excellent condition.
Leather earflaps included, leather is a bit dried out but still in good overall condition
Rope is in excellent condition overall. One end of the rope has a looploop eyelet end.
I would imagine these hoops would still be great for a 16 in snare drum or 16 in floor tom..i would think they would be a little bit too narrow for bass drum hoops and you would have to deal with the snare bed channels that are cut in the snare side hoop.
I'm imagining someone might want these three components so it'd be nice to sell all of it together.
Rare set of hoops. Still very usable and you probably won't see these very often. How they would hold up to intense playing on a 16 inch floor tom or bass drum is definitely in question and at the same time these were on a marching field snare and probably would hold up pretty well.
$225 shipped in the us48
I ship well packed safe and secure with tracking and insurance.
Happy to ship anywhere in the world buyer pays shipping insurance customs fees handling etc. International shipping will be more etc. Please message me.
I have 100% feedback on all the places. Happy to chat. Let me know if you have questions or need more photos. Selling some of my drum and cymbal collection please inquire. Gotta clean house etc. Offers are aok.
I have vintage drum shop work experience-love-passion and know how to ship safely and securely. Happy to chat. I play full-time not a collector all the respects to everyone.


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